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Structure of the inner ear of early lagomorphs

The structure of the inner ear in mammals is highly informative with respect to locomotor agility and hearing sensitivity.


Fossils of the soft tissues of dinosaur tendons have been discovered

Tendons are elements connecting muscles and bones. In most vertebrates, they are flexible and elastic but in dinosaurs (including birds) some of them ossify.


Reconstruction of the retiolitines

Retiolitids are one of the group of graptolites with collagenous skeleton (rhabdosome) formed mostly by a network of lists.


Proteins from fossil otoliths of fish

Otoliths are calcium carbonate components of the inner ear in teleost fish.


Stratigraphy of sediments from the Owadów-Brzezinki site

The Owadów–Brzezinki palaeontological site is a new Jurassic taphonomic window.


Calculated how the dinosaur Plateosaurus breathed

Plateosaurus trossingensis is one of the largest herbivorous Late Triassic dinosaurs…