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Complete mitochondrial genome of the pygmy rabbit

We sequenced the first complete mitochondrial genome of the pygmy rabbit…


Bryozoans on the leaf

Very rare finding: a tree leaf overgrown by marine bryozoans…


A new look at archaeocyaths

Are archaeocyaths,so far classified as sponges, algae?


The oldest described pliosaurus reexamined

Ischyrodon meriani is an obscure pliosaurid taxon from the Middle Jurassic of Switzerland.


Very rare Early Cretaceous sponges from Sardinia

The assemblage that consisted of skeletal elements (spicules) of “soft” demosponges…


Seymouriamorph tracks from the Boskovice Basin

Permian deposits of the Boskovice Basin in the Czech Republic have yielded hundreds of seymouriamorph individuals (a group of extinct tetrapods).