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New illustrated catalogue of sponge spicules

The description of the spicules’ shape and the skeleton organization represents the fundamental basis of sponge taxonomy and systematics.


First Cretaceous cephalopod statoliths

Up to now, Mesozoic statoliths were known only from the Jurassic…


Crinoid thecae of Haplocrinites from the Devonian of the Holy Cross Mountains

Morphometric analyses revealed that these thecae likely represent the same species…


A new genus and species of Jurassic feather star has been described

A new genus and species of feather star is named Ausichicrinites zelenskyyi…


The mystery of the siderite structures from the Turow Miocene is solved

Siderite masses from the Miocene of Turów mine have been the subject of much controversy…


Unique mitochondrial gene rearrangement in corals

Traditional Caryophylliidae has been known as the most speciose scleractinian coral family…