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Small brachiopods tell the story of the Cretaceous sea

Shells of small (micromorphic) brachiopods are not so attractive as other fossils preserved in the white chalk facies…


Crocodylomorf from Wieluń area

In the Jurassic period, besides the well-known plesiosaurs and ichthyosaurs, there existed a third group of widely distributed large predatory marine reptiles…


Ocean temperature reconstruction

Reconstruction of the Ocean surface water temperature based on calibration of many geochemical indicators from skeletons.


New finds of Early Triassic amphibians and reptiles from Poland

Vertebrate bones are rare in the Lower Triassic deposits of the Holy Cross Mountains.


A natural cast of a Triassic turtle shell

… The specimen represents an exceptionally large individual, larger than the known representatives of Proterochersis robusta from the same formation…


A redescription of Trachelosaurus fischeri from Triassic of Germany

Trachelosaurus, described over 100 years ago, turned out to be not a chimera…