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Are foraminifera tests a good palaeothermometer?

Paleoclimate reconstructions commonly use oxygen isotope compositions from fossil foraminifera tests as proxies.


New species of sponges from Cenozoic Tethys

Sponges are important components of modern and fossil aquatic environments.


New studies on the Borogovia dinosaur

Borogovia gracilicrus is a theropod dinosaur from the uppermost Cretaceous of Mongolia. It was discovered during the 1971 Polish-Mongolian paleontological expedition to the Nemegt Basin.


Nomenclatural revision of Ornithischia

Ornithischians represent one of the three major radiations of dinosaurs. Throughout their evolutionary history, exceeding 134 million years, ornithischians evolved considerable diversity…


Triassic ichthyosaurs from Siberia

The Late Triassic (ca. 225 million years ago) was an important period in the evolutionary history of ichthyosaurs, which saw the rise of their advanced ‘fish-shaped’ representatives.


Ammonoid habitat depth preferences

Stable isotopes and predation marks shed new light on ammonoid habitat depth preferences